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Efficiency: How to Improve Your Business's Efficiency Ep. 61 [The Startup Starter Kit]

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Business Basics: Efficiency has a significant impact on your business's profitability. How do we ensure our businesses are efficient? What does efficiency mean? In this video, I go over the definition of efficiency, as well as what makes businesses efficient or not. A comparison is also made between efficiency and effectiveness.

The startup starter kit is a series of videos designed to teach teach business students, people interested in business, or people that are interested in running a business about the basics and fundamentals. We'll touch upon all of the basic business functions such as accounting, marketing, logistics, etc. Hope you enjoy!

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0:00 Introduction
1:05 What is Efficiency? Why does it matter?
3:01 Efficiency v.s. Effectiveness (difference)
4:27 Why focus on efficiency?
5:51 How do you make your businesses more efficient?
6:05: Tip #1
7:55 Tip #2
9:08 Tip #3
11:19 Tip #4
12:17 Tip #5
13:42 Tip #6
14:53 Conclusion
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