3 Business Opportunities created by Coronavirus // Sweaty Startup 147

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It doesn't matter how you feel about it. Coronavirus is impacting the economy. While most industries take a hit a select few will see an unprecedented increase in demand for the services they offer. Anytime things change it spells opportunities for entrepreneurs. In this week's episode of Businesses I Love I talk about three that I think will blow up in the coming weeks.

1. Deep cleaning and disinfecting

My friend's law firm in Boston just dropped $15k for a cleaning company to come in at night and do a deep clean of the air ducts and disinfect the entire 8,000 SF office. Companies are calculating what its worth to them to justify keeping their offices open vs going fully remote.

2. Remote office build-outs

As offices temporarily shut down companies and high paid employees will spend money for companies to build out their home offices for ultimate productivity.

3. Ghost Kitchens

Restaurants are going to take a big hit when quarantines happen and they're already feeling the pressure. People will be eager to pay for high quality delivery food, especially if it comes from a facility that doesn't allow the public inside.

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