【FGO】Grail Live Event Challenge Quest - Five Star Idol vs Space Ishtar【Fate/Grand Order】

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Galactic Idol vs Pretty Boy Band
A semi-blind run through of the CQ with a pretty hilarious ending so I decided to keep this instead of retrying for less turns.

Gimmicks: There is a lot going on so I’ll just list some notable ones
- Arthur is the “center” and will gain a massive dmg reduction shield on break until all his band’s members are gone. He also hits like a truck on crit.
- Lanling will charm everyone on your team and give his team Defense up on break.
- Sigurd will inflict Attack down on your team and gain a 50k Guts for himself on break.
- Merlin will inflict NP gain down on your team and give his team NP charge per turn on break.
- Izou will inflict NP seal on your team and gain Attack up for himself on break.

You probably want an AoE Archer as your main attacker for this.

Revenger - SRW OGs
Yggdra Sortie - Yggdra Union
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